Blueprint Cyber Security

Blueprint Cyber Security specializes in manual penetration testing, IT Security certification consultancy services and a range of other IT security related services.

Founded in 2012 as a boutique IT Security company specializing in manual penetration testing, Blueprint Security has expanded to cover the three pillars of IT Security:

Security Assessment

Needed as a preemptive measure against malicious attackers – measures the preparedness of your organization and reduces the likelihood of a successful breach.

Managed Security-as-a-Service

Mixture of reactive measures to reduce impact of a malicious attack and pre-emptive measures to reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Blueprint’s Quality Promise

Despite expanding our IT security services portfolio, we have retained the high level of service quality that our customers expect, this has been achieved via;

  • Our meticulous recruiting process within our own network of curated IT security professionals
  • Training and Certification
  • Rigid Quality Assurance process
  • Knowledge Partnerships


Blueprint Cyber Security devotes a portion of profits to contribute to ongoing and needed research in:

  • Custom penetration testing tooling
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Exploit development
  • Threat intelligence feeds
  • Investigating “cyber crimes”
  • Private requested research

Sectors we serve

Software Developers
Start Ups
Payment Processors

Our Customers

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, our customers must remain confidential, however references can be provided on request after customer consent.

Michael Gesner, Managing Director

    Blueprint Security’s mission is to provide exceptional IT security services for all our customers. We believe in flexibility, transparency, consistency and results.

    Blueprint Security is devoted to educating the next generation within the cyber security domain and are proud sponsors of the HackersHub community.


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