How targeted phishing attacks get to know their victims

in Industry News

When it comes to phishing, the most dangerous attacks are always up close and personal, the “targeted phishing attacks”. This is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot without being well explained. What is targeted about a targeted attack? The point of targeting or ‘spearing’ is that it is often the first stage of a wider […]

The Netherlands vs Turkey confrontation spreads to cyberspace

in Industry News

As politicians trade insults, companies from The Netherlands risk being caught up in a digital war beyond their control As readers will be aware, The Netherlands and Turkey have been engaged in angry political exchanges since early March connected to high-stakes political events in both countries. Less well documented are the negative effects this is […]

Bug Bounty – don’t shoot the messenger

in Industry News

Blueprint’s responsible disclosure programme has been up and running since late 2016 – what have its researchers found? Finding security vulnerabilities has never been easy, but as a growing number of researchers and penetration testers are finding out the hard way, disclosing them responsibly, hence Responsible Disclosure, to the affected organisation can turn out to […]

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