Types of Penetration Tests

Web Application Penetration Test
Mobile Application Penetration Test
Internal Network Penetration Test
External Network Penetration Test

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Forms of penetration testing

  1. 1
    White Box Penetration Test

    A white box penetration test means that the consultant will have full knowledge of the system being tested. i.e.; the system architecture, login credentials (if present) and access to source code. This results in a very comprehensive, reliable and effective test.

  2. 2
    Grey Box Penetration Test

    A grey box penetration test is a mixture of white and black box penetration testing. Not all information is given to the consultant, however some key points are provided. For example, the consultant may receive login credentials and some background information. Grey box is a cost-effective testing method which allows comprehensive results, while still simulating a real-world attack.

  3. 3
    Black Box Penetration Test

    Black box testing is the mirror opposite of white box testing, here the consultant will not have any information on the targeted system/application. A black box penetration test requires the consultant to research the application/system and therefore may provide less comprehensive results when compared to a white box test. The advantage of a black box test is that it a more accurate simulation of a real-world attack.

Penetration Test Process

Information Gathering

Network Scanning

Web Server Scanning

Application Discovery

Application Scanning

Manual Testing and Verification


Types of Social Engineering

Phishing Campaigns
Physical Intrusion

Social Engineering Approach

  1. 1

    Assessment of public exposure of the company and staff, for example: social media, data dumps and other public sources.

    Identify software and services used within the company, such as online services. This is done by analyzing documents published by the company and their DNS records.

  2. 2

    Determining the type of approach, such as: phishing emails, phone, physical intrusion.

    Planning of the contents of the campaigns. This will be based on several factors such as time of the year, think Christmas party invite.

  3. 3

    Registration of typo domain names.

    Cloning of familiar websites to the employees or creation of new ones based on familiar styling.

    Formulation of phishing emails with language use and markup of the company.

  4. 4
    First campaign

    The initial group of potentially vulnerable staff members will be targeted.

    The goal of the initial campaign is to get a feel for the level of awareness within the company such as the willingness to click a link in an email.

  5. 5
    Follow up campaigns

    Progressively the campaigns become more intrusive, initially employees are enticed to click a link. After that they will be asked to enter credentials and eventually install malware.

    As employees fail each campaign they will be carried over to the next.

  6. 6
    Reporting and Education

    Delivery of the report and presentation of the results.

    Training of the employees who failed the campaigns.

Red Teaming

Red Team
Red Team vs Blue Team

Red Team Approach

  1. 1
    Reconnaissance Phase

    Defining Targets

    Information Gathering

    Drafting Plan of Attack

  2. 2
    Threat Modelling

    Evaluating Possible Targets

    Mapping the Attack Surface

    Evaluating possible attack vectors

    Adapt Plan of Attack

  3. 3
    Attack Surface Analysis

    Analyze likelihood of success

    Analyze the initial impact of exploiting found vulnerabilities

    Analyze if any countermeasures will be activated

  4. 4

    Exploit found vulnerabilities combining chosen attack vectors

    Ensure that target organization is not aware of breach

    Establish initial breach within target’s systems

  5. 5
    Privilege Escalation - Lateral Movement

    Once initial comprise has been established our team re-assesses the plan of attack and adjusts this further comprise internal systems.

    Our Team will maximize the impact of the breach by escalating privileges and using “lateral movement” to gain as much unauthorized access within your organization’s internal network.

  6. 6
    Reporting and Presenting

    Our team will compile all findings into an after-action report, summarizing all carried out activities with our recommendations.

    Our Red Team will then present their findings to your operations team to further increase your awareness of current countermeasures and countermeasures that can be implemented or adjusted.

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