Cyber Security Consulting & Services For All Organizations

Blueprint Cyber Security is committed to providing optimum cyber security services for our clients.

Our Services

The services we offer are specifically designed to meet your cyber security needs.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing has always been our core service we offer. Blueprint Cyber Security offers a wide range of penetration testing services.

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Security Awareness Training

Blueprint Cyber Security offers custom security awareness solutions to match any organizations need.

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Social Engineering

Blueprint Cyber security offers social engineering campaigns. We will put your employees and organization to the test, before any malicous actors do.

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ISO 27001 Compliance and Certification Services

Blueprint Cyber Security offers multiple consulting services, which will put your organization on the path to become ISO 27001 Certified.

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Bug Bounty Management

For customers looking for external companies to manage their bug bountry program, or to assist with the creation of a bug bounty program, Blueprint can act as the maanging party.

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Incident Response

If your organization has suffered a breach, please contact us directly. Blueprint offers first responser support, and more.

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Blueprint Cyber Security

About Blueprint Cyber Security

Blueprint Cyber Security’s mission is to provide exceptional IT security services for all our customers. We believe in flexibility, transparency, consistency and results. Despite expanding our IT security services portfolio, we have retained the high level of service quality that our customers expect, this has been achieved via:

  • Our meticulous recruiting process within our own network of curated IT security professionals.
  • Rigorous Employee Training and Certification.
  • Knowledge Sharing Partnerships.
  • Extensive Quality Assurance process.

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