Cyber Security Awareness Training

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What We Do?

Equip your employees with the knowledge and skills that they need to become the strongest line of defense. Go beyond the traditional training that employees hardly keep up with and provide them with simple yet interactive training that is easy to understand.

The need for security awareness training

Training your employees to identify phishing emails and other cyber security-based threats, is one of the most effective ways of reducing your organizational attack surface. Smarter security measures are being deployed by organizations, which make it more challenging for attackers to exploit applications and software. However, this makes exploiting human judgement more enticing for attackers to achieve the same goals with a fraction of the effort. 
At Blueprint we believe an organization can never increase their security defenses if they do not also train their staff.

Cyber Security Trainings we offer

Phishing Simulation & E-learning

Blueprint has created an online portal where organizations can enroll their employees into the security awareness training program.Each employee will receive a suite of different videos followed by training questions. These videos provide the foundations needed to fortify their cyber security resilience.
Management will receive regular reports on the training status of the employees and provide them with analytics so they can identify any pain points. Employees are enrolled for 12 months, over this 12-month period they will receive phishing emails and further training to further build their security awareness. New employees can be enrolled into the system in a matter of moments.

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Classroom learning

Our consultants provide traditional, onsite classroom style training, up to 30 employees per session. Our consultants provide the learning material and prepare the presentation for the employees. Our specialist train the employees on the concepts of security awareness and what to do if they feel they have been compromised. This in-person training is packed with different live engagements to thoroughly impact and increase the level of awareness of employees as well as provides a taste of the hacker mindset.

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Custom E-learning solution

Create truly personalized training for your employee to study when and how it suits them. With the tailored learning content, you can meet the needs of the various department of your organization and the level of awareness that your employees already have. Management helps to manage the content and develop the e-learning module.

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